12 Instagram Accounts That Offer a Different Perspective on Journalism and the News

12 Instagram Accounts That Offer a Different Perspective on Journalism and the News

Monday, 13 September, 2021

The 24-hour news cycle has thoroughly upended the old-fashioned approach to being informed: morning paper, evening edition, and ten o’clock news. These Instagram accounts offer a historical perspective and a look forward via photography and graphic design.

The quote in the photo above — ‘The truth, no matter how bad, is never as dangerous as a lie in the long run.’ — appears on the wall of the offices of The Washington Post. The words are from Ben Bradlee, executive editor of the Post from 1965 to 1991. He was one of the bold decision-makers behind the publication of the Pentagon Papers. And he took a lot of heat in 1981 when the Post was forced to return a Pulitzer Prize after the revelation that the award-winning story was untrue. In a 2018 article for Politico Magazine, his wife Sally Quinn wrote of her husband, ‘What Ben believed — that lies are degrading and corrosive to the deceiver no less than the deceived, that truth is liberating for both individuals and societies — is something that at bottom every journalist I know believes.’


Newspapers.com — @newspaperscom

For newspaper front pages and stories of the day from 1700 until now…


The New Yorker Cartoons — @newyorkercartoons

For ‘drawings and drollery’ and from The New Yorker


T: The NYTimes Style Magazine — @tmagazine

For gorgeous photographs featured in the print pub where ‘style meets culture.’ The #RoomOfTheDay posts are particularly nice …


Mona Chalabi — @monachalabi

For very cool, intelligent, compelling graphical representations of data…


The Vintage News — @the_vintage_news

For arresting (mostly) black-and-white news photos…


80s News Screens — @80snewsscreens

For delightly retro, technicolor screen captures of moments in 1980s TV news…


Vintage Tribune — @vintagetribune

For photos from the Chicago Tribune’s photo archive with original captions from the paper…


Wash Post Life — @WashPostLife

To ‘meet’ some of the people who work at The Washington Post and take a look inside how the newspaper gets made…


Journalism History Podcast — @journalismhistory

For a podcast that ‘rips out the pages of your history books to re-examine the stories you thought you knew and the ones you were never told’ …


Kathy Ryan — @kathyryan

For captivating photos from the Director of Photography at NYTMAG…


Sebastian Modak — @sebmodak

For armchair travel photos from a Lonely Planet editor-at-large and former NYTimes 52 Places Traveler…


Washington Post Design — @washingtonpostdesign

For engaging graphic design from The Washington Post design team…



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Top image courtesy of Nicole Glass Photography/Shutterstock.

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