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Please do not reprint any of the text from our site on your site or social media without our written permission. Same goes for photos and illustrations: Don’t use our photos or illustrations without our written permission. It’s 100% awesome to link back to us using a hyperlink. It’s not okay to use our stuff without permission, even if you give us credit and say it came from here. If you would like to request permission to use a photo or illustration, email

Book & Travel Product Reviews
We don’t write traditional book reviews — we are all about recommending books we love, but not so much with the formal criticism. And we are very interested in hearing about new books with a strong sense of place. We also love to hear about new travel-related products or services that might be relevant to our audience. Got a book or travel-related product or service you think we need to know about? Send email to

Our Podcast & Your Podcast
For media queries about the Strong Sense of Place Podcast or to book Melissa or David (or both!) on your podcast please email If you would like to recommend a destination, book, or literary landmark for our show, please fill out this contact form.

We accept advertising from brands and people who align with our mission and whom we think would be of interest and/or benefit to our readers. We can create content and advertising that meets both of our needs, and we’d love to talk to you about the possibilities. Please email to request a press kit and get the conversation started.

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On your computer, you can use the ITunes app to review Strong Sense of Place. Open up iTunes and click on ‘Store’ at the top of the screen. On the right-hand side, click the arrow next to ‘Music’ and then select ‘Podcasts.’ Use the search box in the top-right corner to find Strong Sense of Place. You should see our podcast logo art in the search results. Click on it to get to all the info about our podcast. Under our logo, you will see a big button with the label ‘Subscribe.’ Click on it — yay! You did it! You could also click on the arrow to the right of the ‘Subscribe’ button and share our podcast on social media — sharing is caring.

We share David’s original illustrations, book recommendations, good eats, and photos from our travels.

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Strong Sense of Place is a website and podcast dedicated to literary travel and books we love. Reading good books increases empathy. Empathy is good for all of us and the amazing world we inhabit.

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