11 Instagrammers That Showcase the Natural Beauty, Architecture, and Culture of Iran

11 Instagrammers That Showcase the Natural Beauty, Architecture, and Culture of Iran

Monday, 9 November, 2020

Sure, swaths of Iran are golden desert — but its natural beauty also includes lush, leafy valleys, rugged gray mountains, and windswept shorelines of green, blue, white, and pink. The food and art and street fashion are equally as varied and colorful.

Although Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all blocked in Iran, Instagram is accessible and thriving. According to the Los Angeles Times, approximately 63 million Iranians own an Instagram account; that’s 75-percent of the population.

It’s a creative outlet where influencers — artists, photographers, makers, and, significantly, women — can express themselves and generate revenue.

We’ve collected 11 accounts that show the aspects of Iranian culture we don’t see very often in the media: regular people, everyday activities, enchanting architecture, and Iran’s magical landscapes.


Everyday Iran — @everydayiran

For pictures of daily life in Iran that defy stereotypes…


Sina Shiri — @sinashirii

For editorial-style photos with emotional impact… (You might also want to visit the portfolio on his website.)


Hormoz Qeshm — @hormoz_qeshm

For vibrant, colorful images of Iran…


Pontia, My Persian Corner — @mypersiancorner

For shots of everyday life from an Iranian-American blogger in Tehran…


Farida’s Kitchen — @faridah88

For beautifully styled photos of Persian food…


Bottom of the Pot — @bottomofthepot

For crave-worthy Persian food from a cookbook author…


Saghar Setareh — @labnoon

For lifestyle and food photos from a food & travel photographer…


Iranian stylee — @iranian_stylee

For Iranian street style and glamour…


Kazz Ra — @deev_r

For shots of Iranian graffiti and street art…


Ancient Iran — @ancient_iran_and_world

For fairy-tale images of ancient architecture…


Iran Society of Architects — @iran_society_of_architects

For beautiful photos of contemporary architecture…


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Top image courtesy of Fateme Azimi/Unsplash.

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