13 Instagrammers That Showcase the Food, Fashion, Fun, and Culture of Nigeria

13 Instagrammers That Showcase the Food, Fashion, Fun, and Culture of Nigeria

Monday, 23 November, 2020

Get ready for mouth-watering food photos, colorful and elegant fashion, street scenes bursting with energy, and bookstagram recommendations to blow up your TBR.

As we discussed in our Nigeria podcast episode, this West African country is almost defined by its contradictions. It’s a colorful place — both literally and figuratively — and the photos in these Instagram accounts capture the everyday culture of this place that’s like no other.


Nigeria — @nigeria

For timely, journalistic photos of everyday Nigeria…


Yusuf Sanni — @buchwithlenses

For stunning portraits and street photos…


World Jollof Day — @worldjollofriceday

For tribute photos of the beloved Nigerian Jollof rice…


Dobbys Signature — dobbyssignature

For traditional and modern Nigerian cuisine…


Eat.Drink.Lagos — @eat.drink.lagos

For the inside scoop on the food scene in Lagos…


Haneefah Adam — @muslimahanie

For super-cute and inspiring food art…


Painter Abe — @painterabe

For vibrant visual art…


Jennifer Oseh — @theladyvhodka

For gorgeous, colorful women’s fashion inspiration…


Dénola Grey — @denolagrey

For chic men’s fashion inspiration…


EmmyKasbit Nigeria — @emmykasbit

For photos of the fashions from a Nigerian designer, featuring textiles made from traditional West African weaving techniques…


Dance Naija TV — @dancenaija.tv

For everyday people shining in exuberant dance videos…


Aeesha/Aisha Bookstagram — @thatothernigeriangirl

For stylish bookstagram photos and great book recommendations…


Women’s Group Lagos — @womensgroup_lagos

For top notch books recommendations by authors of color from a ‘reading group for phenomenal women’ in Lagos…



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Top image courtesy of Omotayo Tajudeen/Unsplash.

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Nigeria embodies contrasts: colorful tribal culture and the tragedy of slavery, stunning natural beauty and the megacity of Lagos, Christianity and Islam, sweet puff puffs and habanero peppers. One constant: hustle.
Poetry can cut to the heart of an issue like no other art form. It's both personal and universal, a way to shine a light on issues and how we relate to each other. Here are two works from Nigerian poets that we love.
Fact: Meat-on-a-stick is always the best meat. In Nigeria, skewered meat is called suya. Seasoned with garlic, ginger, smoked paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and peanuts, it's street food you can make at home.
Jollof rice is a delicious staple of Nigerian cuisine. Seasoned with tomatoes, red pepper, and chiles, it's simultaneously spicy, sweet, complex, and comforting — much like the heroines of 'Butter Honey Pig Bread.'

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