SSoP Podcast Season 3: Announcing 12 Amazing Destinations

SSoP Podcast Season 3: Announcing 12 Amazing Destinations

Monday, 26 April, 2021

We’re very happy to announce that Season Three of the Strong Sense of Place podcast starts on 10 May!

We’ve put together an itinerary of 12 destinations with stops on every continent. It’s a tour around the world that will take us behind the scenes of fascinating cultures, dramatic history, beautiful scenery, and irresistible food. All you need is your curiosity and a comfy place to read.

podcast transcript

Season 3 Destinations

Get ready to add new places to your must-travel list and blow up your TBR. Let’s go!

Hollywood, California, USA

black and white image of a starlet looking in the mirror
Photo courtesy of Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock.

Costa Rica

volcano in costa rica
Photo courtesy of Cosmic Timetraveler/Unsplash.


black and white image of a report sitting at a typewriter
Photo courtesy of Everett Collection/Shutterstock.

The Arctic

hey. don't be alarmed, but I didn't find an image at /images/podcasts/28_arctic/arctic_header.jpg


hey. don't be alarmed, but I didn't find an image at /images/podcasts/29_egypt/egypt_header.jpg

Summer Getaway

hey. don't be alarmed, but I didn't find an image at /images/podcasts/30_summer_getaway/summer_getaway_header.jpg

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

vancouver skyline at dusk with mountains in the background
Photo courtesy of Aditya Chinchure/Unsplash.


white and blue houses on the hillside in greece
Photo courtesy of Heidi Kaden/Unsplash.


a gold temple at night surrounded by lanterns
Photo courtesy of Krunja/Shutterstock.

Maine, USA

starry sky above craggy shore in maine
Photo courtesy of Annie Niemaszyk/Unsplash.


dome of the rock at dusk in israel
Photo courtesy of Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

The Forest

green trees soaring overhead
Photo courtesy of kazuend/Unsplash.

Which destinations are you most excited about?


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