9 Creative Instagram Accounts That Celebrate the Movie Magic of Hollywood

9 Creative Instagram Accounts That Celebrate the Movie Magic of Hollywood

Monday, 17 May, 2021

When movies bring together engaging stories and powerful acting — dressed up with eye-catching costumes and geometrically-precise camera work — it’s dazzling.

These Instagram accounts let us peek behind the screen to see the real work that goes into creating unforgettable movie magic.


Film Tourism US - @filmtourismus

Andrea David is a travel blogger whose trips are inspired by films and television series. Her frame-matching photos are delightful and super-handy for planning your own pilgrimages to favorite shooting sights.


Color Palette Cinema - @colorpalette.cinema

This account chooses representative frames from visually engaging movies to explore how the color palettes affect our emotions and help tell the story.


Best Movie Lines - @best.movie.lines

This account does a bang-up job of showing how movies combine memorable words with stunning visuals for lasting impact.


You Must Remember This - @youmustrememberthis

You Must Remember This is a must-listen podcast that tells the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century. It’s no surprise that the related Insta is packed with fantastic pics of Tinseltown’s golden age.


Composition Cam - @comp_cam

It’s fascinating stuff for word nerds to see how visual thinkers do their thing. This account breaks down the geometric composition of impactful film shots.


Cinematic Rooms - @cinematicrooms

Celebrating fictional rooms with a strong sense of place.


Fashion in Films - @fashioninfilms_

A colorful look at the way costumes help create characters and firmly ground them in place and time.


Phil Grishayev - @phil_grishayev

Pop culture enthusiast Phil Grishayev visits spots from movies and TV to see how they’ve changed (or not) since being committed to film.


This Was Hollywood - @thiswashollywood

Carla Valderrama loves movies — so much she wrote a book about it: This Was Hollywood: Forgotten Stars and Stories. Her Insta is a treasure trove of still photos and video clips that celebrate the magic of old Hollywood, and her captions are super informative.



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Top image courtesy of Myke Simon/Unsplash.

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