Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Bookish Staycation: Plan a 'Reading Day'

Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Bookish Staycation: Plan a 'Reading Day'

Monday, 9 December, 2019

One of our favorite ways to recharge our batteries — especially in the little lull between Christmas and New Year’s Eve — is to declare a Reading Day.

We pick out a new book (or an old favorite) and cook food in advance, so there are no chores to be done on the big day. When the right time comes, we spend every waking moment of that day lolling about somewhere comfy with the book — in squishy clothes, maybe (probably) sporting bedhead.


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Reading Day Recipes

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Reading Day is that there are no chores! But that means you need to do grocery shopping and cooking in advance.

The best recipes for Reading Day are comfort foods that reheat well and taste crazy-delicious. You might start the day with savory Egg-and-Spinach Muffins, Joe’s Special Frittata, or Banana Pancakes with Quick Sausage. For lunch, we like a tuna salad (Curry Tuna in Pepper Boats, Sushi Bar Tuna, Waldorf Tuna Salad) or chicken salad (Tarragon Chicken Salad, Curry Chicken-Salad Salad, Vietnamese Chicken Salad) with raw veggies and a piece of fruit on the side.

When the day is winding down, a nice stew, curry, or chili is extra-cozy, like this Gingerbread Pork Stew or creamy, nutty West African Chicken Stew. You might get a little spicy with Cincinnati Chili or our favorite: Chocolate Chili. These one-pot meals — Mulligatawny Chicken Stew, Greek Beef Stew, and Rogan Josh curry — all feature a velvety texture and aromatic spices, or you can go 100-percent traditional with this Classic Beef Stew or the Polish national dish Bigos.

Every recipe listed here is easy to make in advance, stores well in the fridge, and reheats like a dream. That means on Reading Day, you can eat delicious food without spending too much time away from your story.


Un-put-downable Reading Day Recommendations

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These tender pork meatballs are packed with umami — like gyoza without the noodle-wrapper. Dig into them while you read this lovely, poignant novel of love, friendship, and the power of words in Japan.
Our heroine Jane Eyre is much put-upon, but during her first day at Lowood School, the harsh privations of the place are tempered by the kindness of a teacher named Miss Temple and her secret stash of seed-cake.
Being crowned king of the wild things and dancing at the wild rumpus can be exhausting. This comforting soup will fill your kitchen with a delicious aroma to restore your spirits and make you happy to be at home.
The pages of 'Like Water for Chocolate' burn with the various ways humans can love each other: passionately, platonically, painfully — and food is a full-fledged character in this lush, satisfying family saga.
Every character in this vividly rendered historical novel needs a restorative cup of tea and homemade shortbread to help them chill out. Here's a killer recipe for shortbread, in case you need a sweet treat, too.
It's never smooth sailing when the Honorable Phyrne Fisher is involved — but it is always a lot of dangerous and delicious fun. Dine on this delightful shrimp salad while catching up on Phryne's high seas adventures.

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