14 Inspiring and Imaginative Instagram Accounts to Take You Around the World

14 Inspiring and Imaginative Instagram Accounts to Take You Around the World

Monday, 3 August, 2020

When our imaginations need a boost, we take a quick virtual trip to somewhere in the world — a bookshop filled with gilt-edged volumes, a manor house on a rolling green hill, a Gothic spire piercing the sky, a Victorian-era circus, or into works of art — via these Instagram accounts.

Some focus on travel, others on books. And some are produced by artists or archivists who share unexpected images that inspire and inform. We hope you find some new favorites among our feed.


Accidentally Wes Anderson - @accidentallywesanderson

Pastel colors, symmetry, and an endearing sense of whimsy, this account features destinations that capture the atmosphere of a Wes Anderson film in still images.


Forgotten Heritage - @forgottenheritage

Photographer Matt Emmett shares his photos of historic architecture and beautiful ruins, celebrating the ‘palpable history’ structures no longer populated by people.


Atlas Obscura - @atlasobscura

Our favorite guide to the world’s weird and wonderful sights, Atlas Obscura shares images of unusual natural landmarks, art, architecture, and food around the globe.


Library Bizarre - @librarybizarre

This is a curated collection of black-and-white photos of curiosities from the past: a celebration of offbeat people and places lost to time. Sometimes silly, often eerie, always amazing.


Dusty Attic Rare Books - @dustyatticrarebooks

If you like to gaze upon images of lovely bookstores and libraries around the world, this is the account for you. So many beautiful bookshelves and antique globes!


Pretty Book Places - @prettybookplaces & Beautelicieuse - @beautelicieuse

These two related accounts have a decidedly pretty aesthetic and are devoted to travel photos and bookshops that look like they were conjured by a good-spirited witch.


Wanderlust Book Club - @_wanderlustbookclub

More libraries and bookshops around the world — because there’s no such thing as too many photos of libraries and bookshops.


Country Life Magazine - @countrylifemagazine

This magazine has been celebrating all things British since 1897 (!), and its Instagram account is a steady stream of manor houses, cute wildlife, and idyllic landscapes.


Planet Locations - @planet_locations

This account showcases destinations around the world — both natural and manmade — with truly stunning travel photography.


It’s Abandoned - @itsabandoned

As you probably guessed from the name, this is the place to enjoy compelling photos of buildings abandoned to time.


Fotohistorie - @fotohistorie

This Czech Instagrammer shares photos of world and Czech history with a glamorous and poignant angle.


Sideshow Ballyhoo - @sideshowballyhoo

You know we have a soft spot for the circus (listen to our podcast about the circus), so we love this account that shares vintage photos of sideshow and circus stars.


Jon Carling - @joncarling

The work of artist Jon Carling is so delicate and precise in its execution — and the stories told in his images seem inspired by fairy tales in his imagination.


Edward Gorey Trust - @edwardgoreytrust

If we’re talking about elegant and precise ink work, we must include the master: Edward Gorey.


And we are on Instagram at @strongsenseof, sharing travel photos, mini book reviews, and other things that delight us every day. Follow us there!


Top image courtesy of Radomir Rezny/Shutterstock.

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