15 Creative and Uplifting Instagram Accounts to Take You Around the World

15 Creative and Uplifting Instagram Accounts to Take You Around the World

Monday, 1 March, 2021

When our creativity and imaginations need fresh energy, we turn to these Instagram accounts for visuals and stories that fire up our brains, make us laugh, and pluck at our heartstrings (in the best way).

Some are produced by artists sharing their own work, others showcase photographs take by adventurers around the world. We hope you find some new favorites here to add to your own feed.


Origami Share - @origami_share

For unexpected, intricate, and charming origami…


Joel Robison - @joelrobison

For delightful images that meld fantasy, real life, and reading…


Design Boom Magazine - @designboom

For images of art, architecture, and technology from the world’s first online magazine…


LibraryGram - @librarygramm

For photos of daydreamy libraries and reading rooms…


Steampunk Tendencies - @steampunktendencies

For images of steampunk awesomeness in costuming, architecture, decor, and more…


Bodega Cats - @bodegacatsofinstagram

For super cute pics of potentially naughty (and very sleepy) cats in NYC bodegas…


NeSpoon - @nes.poon

For delicate, beautiful, bold street art from artist NeSpoon…


Peteski - @itspeteski

For sharply, darkly funny vintage-style comics…


Travelling Through the World - @travellingthroughtheworld

For gorgeous photos and video of everyday scenes from around the globe…


National Geographic Your Shot - @natgeoyourshot

For moving photos of the amazing world around us from the National Geographic online community…


Worlderlust - @worlderlust

For the best in travel photos…


Tatsuya Tanaka - @tanaka_tatsuya

For photos of clever miniatures that will turn your worldview askew…


Dark Interiors - @dark.interiors

For all your Gothic interior decorating needs…


Obsidian Urbex - @obsidianurbex

For lovely and melancholy photos of abandonded places from photographer Janine Pendleton…


Pie Lady Books - @pieladybooks

For cheery images of book commentary made from pie. Yes, pie! …


And we are on Instagram at @strongsenseof, sharing travel photos, mini book reviews, and other things that delight us every day. Follow us there!


Top image courtesy of Arno Smit/Unsplash.

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