SSoP Podcast Season 6: Announcing 12 Fascinating Destinations

SSoP Podcast Season 6: Announcing 12 Fascinating Destinations

Friday, 3 May, 2024

We’re very happy to announce that Season Six of the Strong Sense of Place podcast starts on 24 May!

We’ve put together an itinerary of 12 thrilling destinations with a journey to every region of the globe. Pack your (virtual) bags for Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, and two great cities on opposite coasts of the United States. This time, we’re also heading to outer space (and two other super-fun themes). Get ready to explore customs, history, scenery, food, art, and more — all you need is your curiosity, an open heart, and a favorite spot to read.

SSoP Podcast Season 6: Announcing 12 Fascinating Destinations transcript

Season 6 Destinations

Get set for adventure and stories well-told from around the world.


France — 24 May

row of red and black brick buildings
Traditional brick buildings in Normandy, France. Photo courtesy of Maria Orlova/Pexels.

New York City - 07 June

view of the gray brooklyn bridge between two red brick buildings
The Brooklyn Bridge, New York, USA. Photo courtesy of Miltiadis Fragkidis/Unsplash.

India — 21 June

view of the taj mahal through a stone archway
The Taj Mahal, Agra, India. Photo courtesy of Sylwia Bartyzel/Unsplash.

Outer Space — 05 July

a man wearing a headlamp stands under a black sky filled with stars
View of the night sky above Great Sand Dunes National Park, Denver, USA. Photo courtesy of Josh Gordon/Unsplash.

Mongolia - 19 July

three mongolian falconers in traditional clothing sit on horseback while holding falcons on their wrists with the flat plains of the steppes behind them
Indigenous falconers on the steppes of Mongolia. Photo courtesy of ArtHouse Studio/Pexels.

Norway — 02 August

three sheep standing posing together on a rural road in norway
Standing guard in Norway. Photo courtesy of Dessy Dimcheva/Unsplash.

Panama — 30 August

mountain shrouded in mist in the background with yellow and pink flowers in the foreground
Panama, looking pretty. Photo courtesy of Zdeněk Macháček/Unsplash+.

Detective Agency — 13 September

blonde woman outside a scary looking house at night with a flashlight
Clearly on the case. Photo courtesy of alexey turenkov/Unsplash.

Saudi Arabia — 27 September

man in white standing in a grove of very tall palm trees
A grove of date palms in Wadi esh Sharma, Saudi Arabia. Photo courtesy of NEOM/Unsplash.

Brazil — 11 October

boys jumping off a pier and into the ocean at sunset in brazil
Taking the plunge in Ceará, Brazil. Photo courtesy of Alexandre Barbosa/Unsplash.

Cemetery — 25 October

gray tombstone at wb yeats tomb that says cast a cold eye on life on death / horseman pass by
A final plea at the tomb of W.B. Yeats. Photo courtesy of Mark de Jong/Unsplash.

Seattle — 08 November

red and green neon signs that read public market farmers market in seattle washington
Pike Place Public Market in Seattle, Washington, USA. Photo courtesy of Ryan Stone/Unsplash.

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Top image courtesy of ArtisticOperations/Pixabay.

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